Published 27.10.2020

Renovating an existing ensemble in terms of lighting technology is always a challenge. Especially when the protection of historical monuments comes into play. New light, old substance: SITECO mastered this balancing act at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, Finland, thanks to outstanding project competence and a top sports lighting product.

In August 2020 the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki was reopened after a general renovation. The historic ensemble, a flagship of functional Finnish architecture, retains its historic appearance outside, while inside it now meets all the standards for international sports and events - also thanks to Sirius® from SITECO.

Following the renovation, Helsinki is now back in the top league of sporting venues. In 2022 the UEFA Super Cup, the match between the current Champions League and European League winners, will take place there. With the new lighting, the Olympic Stadium is the first Finnish sports facility to meet UEFA's ELITE A-level criteria, as well as the IAAF's requirements for international competitions with TV coverage.

Roope Mutenia, project manager at the local electrical installer Assemblin OY, is convinced: "All requirements for the lighting including the control system are met. And we have also seen Sirius® in action. Ilummination looks really good for the viewer".

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