The Olympic Stadium follows new Helsinki Metropolitan Area covid-19 regulations that were declared on 20.11.2020. Read more instructions about coming to stadiums facilities.

The Olympic Stadium follows coronavirus restrictions and regulations of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and Helsinki Metropolitan Area during events, sports and daily facility activities.

We want to emphasise everyone’s individual responsibility for following the instructions of the National Institute for Health and Welfare and other authorities regarding hygiene and other arrangements to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The National Institute for Health and Welfare ( is monitoring both the national and international situation. It also provides instructions for preventing infections. You will find several hand sanitizers and disinfection stations around the stadium.

Face mask is required during every visit at the Olympic Stadium from 20.11.2020. Olympic Stadium follows Helsinki Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group recommendations about the covid-19 regulations.


Guideline for sports

Face mask is required for all sports users over the age of 15, other than during sports or exercise performance. Helsinki Metropolitan Area declared on 20.11.2020 the following:

All city-run indoor team sports and contact sport activities for people over the age of 20 will be temporarily suspended for three weeks. Amateur-level matches, competitions and regional play-offs will also be cancelled during this time. Private operators are asked to observe these same restrictions. It is also recommended that all leisure clubs for adults in the metropolitan area limit their activities to things that take place within their own groups.

The cities will send the relevant organisations detailed instructions and will cancel their reserved practice times for the duration of the suspension.

The new restrictions will not apply to individual and group sport competitions on the national team, national and Division I levels, nor to professional athletes training for international competitions. It will also not apply to groups in which participants are able to maintain safe distances from others during activities.


Guidelines for visitors:

  • Face mask is required every visit at the Olympic Stadium
  • Do not attend events if you are ill.
  • Ensure hand and coughing hygiene and avoid close contact with others.
  • Maintain safe distances from the staff and other participants.
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering and after exiting the sports halls. Hand sanitizer is available at the activity locations.
  • Please also follow the instructions provided on-site.
  • Follow the instructions at if you suspect that you may have contracted a coronavirus infection.


The restrictions may change or be updated as necessary if the safe use of the facilities so requires. We ask visitors understanding and request that everyone pays attention to the special arrangements caused by the pandemic. 


Guideline for planning an event:

If you are planning an event at the stadium you are obligated to coronavirus restrictions and regulations of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) during the event. More information: