What the stadium equipping mean?

The renovation – the shell of the building – has been funded by the Finnish State and the City of Helsinki. And what a stunning venue it is going to be! But, for our Stadium to remain as the beating heart of the general public, events, Helsinki residents as well as visitors from elsewhere, it also has the be fitted out for all the action. These fittings, fixtures and equipment are vital for the Stadium building to live and breathe and bring joy to all of us. Fitting the Stadium out means providing everything found inside the walls and enabling the functioning of the venue – from signposting and screens to lawn maintenance machinery and visitor centre equipment to pole vault landing mats and football goals.

All this is going to cost a total of €7 million, and this amount will not be provided by the State or the City. Instead, we need to raise the funds from several sources – including private people, enterprises and organisations.