Frequently asked question


How to arrive at the Olympic Stadium?

The Stadium is in the Töölö district of Helsinki, with good public transport. For public transport options, please go to Journey Planner. Further information on how to arrive is available here.

Can the Stadium be visited for free?

Visitors have free access to the Isku Lounge at the Stadium's Visitor Centre. Guided tours and visits to the Tower are subject to a charge. The event organisers are responsible for the pricing and ticketing of their own events.

Where could I ask about lost property?

For lost and found, ask the Stadium Visitor Centre. If you have lost your property during an event, please take direct contact with the event organiser. Event organisers give information for the lost property as concerns their event, and the information will also be available at the Stadium site under the particular event news. 

How has accessibility been taken into consideration?

Accessibility has been an object of particular attention in the refurbishment and renovation project. From the Visitor Centre, the passage to various rooms and facilities follows accessible paths, also provided with new elevator routes. Regrettably, the structures of the 1930s structures of the Tower could not be changed during the renovation to allow for an accessible passage up to the top. 

For information on accessible parking places, please go to Arriving.

During events, the Stadium now has new accessible places in various sections of the stands. 

Are dogs allowed in the Olympic Stadium?

Assistance dogs are welcome at the Stadium. 

How to book and meeting or exercise facility?

To book meeting or exercise facilities, please go to the Stadium site. Please see Meetings and Sport  for further details about the rooms and premises.

You can mail us at [email protected].

Where to order the food and drink service for an event at the Stadium?

Compass Group is responsible for the service of meals and refreshments at the Stadium. You can order the service at the same time you book the premises through our booking system or contact the sales office at [email protected]

What equipment is included in the booked meeting or exercise facility?

For the details of each meeting or exercise room, please click "Read more" to take a closer look at the premises.

How to book a guided tour of the Stadium?


To book a guided Stadium tour, please go to Book a Tour. The link to Tower visit booking is: here. It is also possible to visit the Tower without an advance booking. In that case, you can buy the ticket at the Visitor Centre. Please check the opening hours and eventual exceptional times here.

If I want to organise an event at the Stadium, what should I do?

The Stadium is a unique venue for small and large events. If you are planning an event indoors, please contact us at [email protected]
In case of an event which requires the use of the field and public stands area, please contact the following: Ari Kuokkanen and Marju Paju. Their contact details are here.




How to reach the Stadium?

The Stadium in in Töölö. The address is Paavo Nurmen tie 1, 00250 Helsinki, easily accessible from all directions.

We recommend the use of public transportation. From the city centre, you can take a bus or a tram which are quite fast. For public transport options, please go to Journey Planner. Further information on how to arrive is available here.

Where to stay overnight?

At a walking distance from the Stadium, the following Scandic hotels are available: Scandic Park HelsinkiCrowne Plaza Helsinki-Hesperia and Scandic Pasila.

How to get a ticket for the events at the Olympic Stadium?

Lippupiste at sells tickets to all Stadium events. The event organiser is responsible for ticketing arrangements.

In eventual problem situations, you can also contact:

When do the gates and doors open?

Normally, the gates to large-scale events open 1 or 2 hours in advance. Please always check with the event organiser to be sure.

Where is my seat?

You can check the location of the sector where you are seated at the seat map.

What can I bring to the Stadium?

In any event organised at the Stadium, the following are prohibited:

  • Glass bottles, tins, cans
  • Umbrellas
  • Selfie sticks
  • Picnic chairs
  • Beverages
  • Pets
  • Any type of arms, explosives, fireworks, laser pointers, spray paint or similar, or other items that may endanger your own safety or put others in danger.
  • Safety-colour reflective clothes or accessories, in other words items resembling the guardians’ orange or yellow vests
  • Drones
  • Personal walkie-talkies
  • Bikes, skateboards, scooters, electric scooters or mopeds

Please be prepared to undergo bag and personal controls before entrance.  When arriving at the event area, each customer will go through a safety check organised by the event organiser.

The organiser reserves the right to remove persons whose operation undermines the safety of others in the public or may harm the property of the concert organiser.

In addition, the event organiser may impose particular restrictions specific to each event. Please check the event organiser’s site or social media.

Where can I store my belongings during the event?

The event organiser is responsible for storage arrangements during events. Please check the event organiser’s site to see how the storage is arranged during the event you are attending.

Where could I ask about lost property?

If your belongings have been lost during the event, please contact the event organiser directly.

Are there age limits for the events?

Each event organiser determines their age limits. Unless there is no mention of an age limit, the event is suitable for all. However, it is up to the adult to decide if it is appropriate to take a child along to the event (considering, for example, noise levels or the hour of the event).

Certain events have age limits. The event organiser will give separate information in such cases.

Can I take photos during the event?

The event organiser determines which are the possibilities and restrictions regarding photographing or videoing at the Olympic Stadium. Bringing cameras or video cameras to an event is prohibited without a specific permit to shoot photos or videos. The permit is only granted to accredited and approved representatives of the media. The event organiser is the party issuing the permits, and is also responsible for the cooperation with the media, including accreditations.

What payment methods are in use in the events at the Stadium?

At the Stadium, the common debit and credit cards as well as cash are accepted.

Is there first aid available at the Stadium?

During events, there is an emergency unit/units on duty. The event organiser is responsible for first aid arrangements during events.

Can I buy something to eat and drink during events?

The Stadium public service points were multiplied from eight to 25, each with several points of sale and separate cashier points. Our food philosophy is “Street Food with Nordic Flavors”. Compass Group caters for the services at the Stadium.

Can I take a stroller or a pram to the event?

In all events, the event organiser gives the instructions concerning strollers and pram. Please check the event organiser’s site or social media as regards the event in question.



Does the stadium have childcare rooms?

There is a childcare rooms in each of the accessible toilets that are outside facilities of the Olympic Stadium.