The Stadium Foundation

Starting from 1927

The Stadium Foundation, Stadion-Säätiö, was established in 1927. The founders included the major sports federations, the City of Helsinki and later also the Finnish State through the Ministry of Education. The core objective in the original mission of the Foundation was to build a stadium in Helsinki, allowing the City to apply for the organisation of the summer Olympics. The idea of the country’s very own Olympics had sparked as early as the 1912 Stockholm Olympics and Finland’s success there.

The central personality of the Stadium Foundation was its first Chairman Erik von Frenckell, the most significant sports leader in Finnish history. He chaired the Foundation from 1927 to 1977. He was followed by Victor Procopé (1978-1988). Ulla Gyllenberg was the Chair in 1989-1992, Erkki Aurejärvi in 1993-2009 and Otto Lehtipuu in 2009-2017. From late 2017 until September 2019, the Foundation was chaired by Eero Heinäluoma while Nasima Razmyar took over on 1 September 2019.

The main task of the Stadium Foundations administration is to develop the building and operations of the Stadium comprehensively. The City of Helsinki, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the major sports federations are still represented in the Stadium administration.

The Stadium Foundation’s decision-making body is the Board. The Board is responsible for the administration and for the appropriate organisation of the Foundation operations to meet its mission. To support the Foundation operations and management, an Advisory Committee has been appointed.


The Board

1.9.2021 – 31.8.2023

Razmyar Nasima, Chairman of the Board

Auvinen Tero

Arponen Tapio

Erikäinen Timo, hallituksen varapuheenjohtaja 

Juvonen Risto

Loikkanen Tarja

Muhonen Sallamaari

Rajajärvi Anu

Saxholm Tuula 


The staff of the Stadium Foundation