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Sport activities at Olympic Stadium

Spice up your event with some movement, or have an entire day at the Stadium to boost wellbeing

A break with movement, wellbeing and easy-going togetherness will give your event an extra spark. Or what about a full customised wellbeing event or an entire day at the Olympic Stadium?

The Stadium offers a splendid setting for joyful movement and exercise. Our wellbeing services provide a comprehensive choice of various activities: a guided pause gymnastics to break the meeting, a fitness training or a harmonious moment of exercise. The services can also be tailored to meet your event needs.
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We can organise activities both inside and outside the Stadium. It is also possible to book exercise premises for your exercise activities. The Stadium premises have space for post-event sports from badminton to futsal and volleyball to floorball.

Our cooperation partner in exercise and wellbeing services GS Health.

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The Olympic Stadium is open for booking of exercise slots payable per each booked time. You can book a badminton court or the Stadium 400 metres inside track, also called the Tunnel.

The single-ticket price for running is €10 for a 60 min slot. It is also possible to buy several hourly tickets at one go. For the additional hours, the price is €5/h. The best way to ensure a running slot is to cash in your single ticket through our online booking schedule. The tickets can also be bought at the Olympic Stadium Visitor Centre, provided that there are free slots available.

The Olympic Stadium badminton courts can also be reserved online. The cost of one badminton court is €20/hour. The Stadium has some rackets and shuttlecocks available for renting when you book the court. Each badminton court has its own entrance and the courts are separated by walls.

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