Renewed Stadium

The brave new Olympic Stadium was opened in August 2020. This was the second inauguration in the Stadium’s history.

The revived Olympic Stadium is now two instead of one. The extension and the new underground facilities add almost another stadium to the original. 

The Olympic Stadium is not only Finland’s largest event arena but also the most desired and famed meeting point for physical activities, sports, entertainment and tourism.

As we know, the Olympic Stadium boasts a grand history. Already today, its future looks equally magnificent. 

We thrive on encounter. Not just us humans, but also our dear old and new Olympic Stadium.

The Olympic Stadium exists for over million people to meet annually in various events or daily activities. The new Olympic Stadium is an arena of joy and humanity, with a community spirit as its driving value and force.

The Olympic Stadium has that something unique. This is the place for people to come. They find the reason in the past, present and future – #forthefeeling.


The Helsinki Olympic Stadium consists of:

Atmosphere. The Olympic Stadium is built for shared experiences and emotions. Throughout generations, it has offered a unique space to experience and share powerful emotions together, ranging from excitement and tears of disappointment. As thousands of people cheer at the same time, no one is left out.

Encounters. Since its most notable sporting event, the Summer Olympics of 1952, numerous legendary sporting events and concerts have continued to take place inside the historical walls of the Olympic Stadium. The Olympic Stadium is well-known for its events, but after its renewal and modernisation it will become a multi-purpose venue for everyday use. After the opening in August 2020, both locals and tourists are welcome to meet, work out and visit restaurants and cafes at the Stadium. They can also visit the famous Stadium tower which provides fantastic view over the city from 72-meters above ground. 

Shared memories. Since its opening of the Stadium in 1938, countless memories have been shared in it. The renewal and modernisation of the Stadium has been made with careful consideration of the building’s architectural heritage by combining skillful craftsmanship with modern technology in an sustainable manner. As the crown jewel of Finnish functionalism, the Olympic Stadium has offered and will continue to offer a memorable surrounding for creating shared memories in.

Architectural experiences. The Olympic Stadium is considered to be the most beautiful arena in the world. The design was made by Yrjö Lindegren and Toivo Jäntti, the winners of the architectural competition for the design of the Stadium.  The Olympic Stadium is considered to be the crown jewel of Finnish functionalism. The renewal of the Stadium has been done by carefully combining skillful craftsmanship with modern technology in a sustainable manner. Today it is a multipurpose venue which provides a wide range of experiences for both locals and tourists. 


Olympic Stadium towards new era - video