For The Feeling


Published 17.4.2024

Spring is here, and the main season of the 2024 major events at the Olympic Stadium will start in just a few weeks. The Stadium is a memorable summer attraction, worth a visit just for the unique atmosphere and feeling alone. On top of special events, the Stadium can offer versatile activities and inspiring emotions and experiences for the whole family. 

In May, the Stadium boasts a number of amateur events as the track and field area and stands are taken over by runners and school relay carnival participants. As summer progresses, the Stadium concerts and various sports events continue until late November. In addition to the major events, the Stadium is daily the venue for minor programmes.

Major events at the Olympic Stadium 2024

Fri 10.5. Minimarathon (part of Helsinki City Running Day -event) 

Sat 11.5 Helsinki City Running Day 

Wed 15.5. Kouluviestikarnevaali

Fri 17.5. Stafettkarnevalen

Sat 18.5. Stafettkarnevalen

Fri 7.6. Metallica

Sun 9.6. Metallica

Fri 12.7. Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band

Sat 27.7. Coldplay

Sun 28.7. Coldplay

Tue 30.7. Coldplay

Wed 31.7. Coldplay

Fri 23.8. PMMP

Sat 24.8. PMMP

Fri 30.8. Yleisurheilun Ruotsi-ottelu

Sat 31.8. Yleisurheilun Ruotsi-ottelu

Wed 18.9. Metrosport

Thu 10.10. Finland - Ireland (UEFA Nations League) 

Sun 13.10. Finland - Ireland (UEFA Nations League) 

Sun 17.11. Finland - Greece (UEFA Nations League) 

Together with the event organisers, we ensure that all events take place in a smooth and safe manner. Each responsible event organiser also informs the inhabitants of the Stadium neighbourhood, on an event basis and according to the orders issued by the authorities.

Place of encounters and visits also outside events 

The 72 meters high opens a grand panorama over the Helsinki summer cityscape, and you take a more profound look at the iconic Stadium by participating in a guided tour.  Operating at the Stadium, the Sports and Exercise Culture Centre TAHTO provides things to do and activities for the entire family. Stadium visitors can also enjoy the services of the splendid Bistro Stadion The Bistro is located at the foot of the Tower, next to the Visitor Centre.

The Olympic Stadium is able to offer experiences on environment’s terms since as an event and visit provider, we are a Think Sustainably Participant and we have been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland logo.

We are happy to welcome you all to the Stadium – naturally for the feeling!