Olympiastadion 2021


Published 24.1.2022

The past year 2021 was one of both exceptional circumstances and awards for the Olympic Stadium. Despite the challenges, the Stadium was full of events, meetings and joy of movement and exercise.  

Despite the Covid-19 challenges, the renewed Stadium was able to show that Helsinki’s most renown landmark is truly multifaceted. 

According to Stadium Director Ari Kuokkanen, not only events, meetings and exercise but also Stadium visits all play a vital role in the larger whole offered by the Olympic Stadium.  

“The exceptional times have only underlined the importance of the great diversity of operations at the Stadium.

 250 000 visitors. 57 600 people engaged in everyday exercise 20 000 visits to the Tower. 5717 Stadium tour participants. 10 500 meeting attendants.

Events, physical exercise and meetings, health safety always first

Irrespective of the restrictions, the Olympic Stadium premises were in active use throughout the year. According to Ari Kuokkanen, safety has been a priority in all sectors. 

“We have been open through the pandemic, in line with the restrictions imposed.”  

From January to May, the events were organised without the public present, while the Stadium outside field and versatile inside exercise areas were open to children and the young, as well as to top-level athletes.

As of June, the Stadium started to be busy as the restrictions were gradually lifted. The premises filled with meeting attendants, Stadium tour participants, people doing lunch at our restaurants and visitors admiring the cityscape from the Stadium Tower. The international football matches and other events attracted tens of thousands of spectators.

Versatile and accessible premises widely awarded

Upon its reopening after the extensive refurbishment in 2020, the Olympic Stadium earned awards for the architecture and building work. The awards kept on coming in 2021. 

The “Exercise Place of the Year 2021” special recognition by the Ministry of Education and Culture was given to the Olympic Stadium.  The International Olympic Committee IOC, the International Paralympic Committee IPC and the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities IAKS awarded the Olympic Stadium a silver medal for exemplary sports and leisure architecture. 

Moreover, the Olympic Stadium was given the 2021 accessibility recognition by the Helsinki Advisory Board for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Advisory Board awards annual prizes to premises that are particularly well-functioning from a comprehensive user perspective.

“The refurbishment and renewal project paid particular attention to the accessibility of the new Olympic Stadium. In the new era, the flow from the Visitor Centre to various Stadium facilities follows accessible routes, supported by new lifts”, Mr. Kuokkanen adds. 

Looking forward to a year of experience and events 

In 2022, the Olympic Stadium will see even more. The year took off with the Lux Helsinki event, with 60 000 visitors at the Stadium.  We will continue with world megastar concert tours, top sports and with the unique opportunity to ski at the Stadium during the Helsinki Ski Weeks.  The summer of 2022 will witness the Helsinki Olympics 70th anniversary celebrations. 

In addition to the events, the visitors will have access to novel Stadium tour, providing adventure to children and arts to culture lovers who have the chance to see works from the Helsinki City Museum collections.

Ari Kuokkanen looks forward to the year with great enthusiasm and expectations, convinced that the Stadium and its cooperation partners are able to offer unforgettable experiences to both the Finnish nationals and those visiting the country.

“You are warmly welcome to experience it all with us!” he concludes.