Olympic Stadium enviroment


Published 28.2.2024

As a result of the refurbishment and modernisation work, the Stadium has become a showpiece of sustainable development and a place where events, functions and meetings can be organised in an environmentally friendly manner. The environmental impacts of the Stadium are assessed in collaboration with the stakeholder groups, taking active measures to reduce the effects on the environment. In December 2023, the Olympic Stadium management organisation, the Stadium Foundation, received the responsible tourism site label “Sustainable Travel Finland”, and the Foundation has made an Ecolabel commitment. 

Sustainable Travel Finland

The Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label is an umbrella label programme that covers responsible Finnish companies and tourist areas. Visit Finland improves the responsibility of the tourist sector operations through its STF programme whereby the company or tourist area in question follows 7 steps to prove its responsibility.

The Stadium Foundation meets all the criteria of the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label. The right to use the STF label, awarded in December 2023 to the Stadium Foundation, is a token of valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism. 

Sustainable Travel Finland

Ecolabel commitment

We have made an Ecolabel commitment. This means that the Olympic Stadium, for its part, promotes ecological solutions that take the life cycle questions into consideration, also with due account to environmental labels in procurements whenever possible. The use of and attention to environmental labels in procurements is also our way to promote the Carbon Neutral Helsinki objectives. 

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