LUX HELSINKI 5.-9.1.2022

Published 1.12.2021

Lux Helsinki is an annually organised light festival that transforms familiar buildings and spaces into unique works of urban art during the darkest time of the year. At the event of 2022 Northern Lights create a magical atmosphere over Helsinki’s Olympic Stadium. 

At the Olympic Stadium Borealis shines in different colours and is continually changing according to the prevailing winds and weather. Free access to the Olympic Stadium only via the Pohjoinen Stadiontie entrance. Exit through the gate on Hammarskjöldintie. One-way only in the clockwise direction around the Olympic Stadium.

Two other works will also be seen around the stadium. The light installation Energy! is an impressive tower of blue energy that rises to a height of 30 metres in the south square of the stadium. The Face of the City work can be seen on the façade of the Sports Museum of Finland and the tower on the side of the Olympic Stadium.

More information: Lux Helsinki

Lux Helsinki is organised by Helsinki Events Foundation and produced by Susa Nokelainen. Route and work planning and production is the responsibility of Sun Effects Oy. The curators are Lari Suominen, Ilkka Paloniemi, Christina Dvinge, Petra Martinez, the Finnish Light Art Society FLASH and Juha Rouhikoski.