Published 21.12.2020

The Morse message display will be seen in the city sky and will be audible through speakers on site as well as on analogue radio frequency 105.8 Mhz. The audience will also be able to share their New Year’s resolutions and wishes on the radio programme closer to New Year’s Eve through website

The Olympic Stadium tower will turn into a kind of modern telegraph for the New Year’s night to send messages about the change of year. It will be a message about the passage of time across the Helsinki sky, and it will demonstrate the transition from the last night of the year to the first day of the new one.

The work can be viewed all night, and you can choose a time and place that suits you to watch it. The work can be experienced for about 18 hours in total. It will be visible throughout the Helsinki area, especially from high and unobstructed places with a view of the Olympic Stadium tower.

The radio laser work has been designed by artist Ilkka Paloniemi.

More information: Welcome to Helsinki New Year at Home