Rammstein Olympiastadionilla 27. - 28.5.2023


Published 22.5.2023


Schedules are estimates and may change. Please arrive at least an hour before the
headliner begins to make entrance a smoother experience for everyone.
The event ends at 12 am at the latest.

You can find the info about bars, restaurant services, toilets & map about the Helsinki Olympic Stadium HERE.

Tickets to the Rammstein concert are sold out. Please refer to the ticket sales page for details of availability of any returned tickets.
The ticket allows entrance to the stadium only once. Each person coming to the concert must have their own ticket regardless of age.
This concert has named tickets: the name of the buyer will be printed on the tickets that they buy. If you have ordered several tickets, all members of the party must arrive at the concert at the same time as the buyer. The ticket buyer should be prepared to provide proof of their identity (passport, driver’s licence, identity card) when entering the concert. The surname on the ticket must be the same as the surname shown on the

If you have a standing ticket on the pitch, we recommend that you arrive from the southern end of the stadium, that is from the side facing the Olympic Stadium square/Töölönlahti, from the SOUTH ENTRANCE. Buyers of pitch tickets will receive wristbands when entering through the gates. The wristband does not entitle its holder to
leave and re-enter the stadium.

With the Feuerzone ticket, you can only enter from the MARATHON GATE on the eastern side of the stadium, which is the side facing the Winter Garden and the Swimming Stadium. Buyers of Feuerzone tickets will receive their wristbands when entering the
gates. The wristband does not entitle its holder to leave and re-enter the stadium.

You can arrive at the stadium from all other entrances except the Marathon Gate.

We recommend entering the Olympic Stadium through the south entrance from the Olympic Stadium square, since this entrance has the largest queuing area.
At the entrance, you will go through a security check, identity check and ticket scanning.
Please have your ticket and identification already available when queuing.

You can pay to leave unnecessary belongings in a cloakroom located outside the stadium. Please read the list of forbidden items below.

Yes – the buyer’s name is printed on all tickets. If you have ordered several tickets, all members of the party must arrive at the concert at the same time as the buyer. The ticket buyer should be prepared to provide proof of their identity (passport, driver’s licence, identity card) and present the order confirmation, if necessary, when entering the concert.

This arrangement prevents much wanted tickets ending up on the unofficial resale market and prevents misuse of tickets. Lippu.fi reserves the right to void all purchases which are perceived to break the permitted purchase limit, or which are suspected to end up in resale.

If, for some reason, the buyer cannot come to the concert, the name on the ticket order can be changed once, but there is a fee. The name change must be done in advance, on 20th May 2023 at the latest. The name change costs €10/order + handling fee. The sum can be charged to a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or MobilePay. The new ticket will be delivered as a PDF ticket (also applies to any Fan tickets).
All name changes must be arranged through Lippu.fi’s phone service on +358 10 6331075 (Mon-Sat from 9 am to 5 pm) and will be processed only at the original buyer’s request. An order number is required for the name change. Name changes will not be processed through email.
You can also resell your ticket in Lippu.fi’s official secondary market place, fanSale, which closes 24 hours before the concert: https://www.fansale.fi/fansale/ 

The Olympic Stadium is located in Töölö, Helsinki, at the address Paavo Nurmen tie 1. The stadium has good transport connections, so we ask the audience to set aside some time and festive spirit and make their way to the stadium by public transport or on foot.
Please arrive at the concert at least two hours before the headliner’s estimated showtime.
Gates open at 5 pm, and you can enjoy the Olympic Stadium’s services throughout the evening.
The stadium has restaurant stands, where you can buy food and refreshments, as well as merch stands, where you can pick up Rammstein fan products as souvenirs!
Please make sure that everyone in your party arrives at the gates at the same time, and that the ticket buyer whose name is on the tickets is with you. The buyer must have photo identification with them. If the ticket buyer whose name is on your tickets is not with you, you cannot enter the concert area.

Please note that the roadworks on Mannerheimintie may cause changes to walking, cycling and public transport routes. Signage of routes will be made as clear as possible in the area.

You can easily reach the stadium on foot or by bicycle. The stadium is approximately a twokilometre walk from Helsinki central railway station.
However, the area has no bike parking during the event, so please do not bring a bicycle or electric scooter all the way to the stadium.

The easiest way to plan your route is to use HSL’s Journey Planner. You can find it on the web or in the HSL app.
Please remember that you cannot buy a ticket on local trains/trams/metro, so you must buy it in advance from a ticket machine or via the HSL mobile app.

The event organiser has not arranged any parking, and concerts result in special arrangements for traffic around the Olympic Stadium. If you come to Helsinki by car, we recommend leaving it some distance away from the Olympic Stadium and making the rest of the journey on foot or by public transport.
The vicinity of the event area cannot not be accessed by car and parking is prohibited. The Olympic Stadium Square and some of Mäntymäen kenttä is reserved for concert arrangements.

For safety reasons, also the streets Pohjoinen Stadiontie, Stadionpolku, Hammarskjöldintie and parts of Paavo Nurmen tie will be closed to car traffic. The area has a parking ban in force. If you are dropping off fans at the concert or picking them up after the event, it is a good idea to
choose drop-off and pick-up points further away from the stadium. You can find parking places in the Helsinki area on the City of Helsinki’s web pages.

Please depart the area through same route as you arrived. We recommend everyone also to reserve enough time and patience for the journey home. As thousands of fans leave the stadium at the same time, a rush of people on the walkways, bicycle lanes and public transport is to be expected.
Your best help for planning your route is HSL’s Journey Planner. You can find it on the web or in the HSL app.

We warmly welcome all customers to the concert and make an effort to ensure that the arrangements work for everyone. You can find more information about accessibility to this event on this page.
The accessible seating areas are primarily for those customers who have bought a wheelchair ticket. The seating area is on a platform that has space for wheelchair customers and their escorts. The platform also has some seats for carers. There are accessible bathrooms near the
wheelchair platform and elsewhere in the event area.

Please check your ticket for information on which section your seat is located in.
SECTION D: The largest accessible seating area at the Olympic Stadium is located on the eastern side of the stadium behind section D. (MARATHON GATE).
SECTION G: The other accessible seating area is in section G9 at the northern end of the

We recommend that customers with reduced mobility arrive through the MARATHON GATE
from the eastern side of the stadium/the entrance facing the Winter Garden. This entrance is closest to the accessible section D and the drop-off point.
The entrance closest to accessible section G is the NORTH ENTRANCE at the end of Pohjoinen Stadiontie, but if you wish you can also enter the stadium through the Marathon Gate, from where security officers can guide you to your seat.

Carers for customers who have bought a wheelchair ticket can enter the event using the same ticket.
Carers for customers needing help due to visual impairment or other health reasons need their own ticket to the event. Please contact Lippu.fi’s customer services team to buy carer tickets, because they are not available in the online shop. Please be prepared to prove your need for a
carer on the gate with an EU Disability Card, carer card, or visual handicap card.
Customers needing a carer due to visual impairment or other health reasons can buy their tickets and claim a free-of-charge carer ticket (+ handling fee of €2.50) through Lippu.fi’s phone service (contact details below). Carer tickets are not available in the online shop. The carer must
arrive at the event together with the person they are supporting.
Lippu.fi’s customer services: +358 10 633 1075.
The service is open Mon-Sat from 9 am to 7 pm (except for holidays). The cost of the call is 8.35 cents/call + 22.32 cents/minutes when calling
from a mobile phone network subscription. The charge for queuing is the normal call charge of your mobile phone subscription service.

The need for a carer must be proved when requested with an EU Disability card, carer card, visual handicap card, or another equivalent document.

We recommend customers with reduced mobility to arrive through the EAST ENTRANCE from the eastern side of the stadium. This entrance is closest to the accessible section D and the drop-off point. The entrance closest to accessible section G is the NORTH ENTRANCE at the end
of Pohjoinen Stadiontie.
You can also enter the stadium through other entrances with all tickets.
The Olympic Stadium area is mainly covered with asphalt, and the corridors and entrances to seating areas are lit.
To reach seating in the auditorium, you need to use some concrete stairs, which mostly do not have guard rails. We recommend taking particular care if you have trouble moving around. The pitch only has standing area and there are no seats. We recommend being patient and taking your time to move around the area, because the corridors of the stadium may be temporarily crowded with concert goers.

You can find other arrival instructions in the ‘Arrival’ section.
A sheltered stop/drop-off point away from other traffic has been reserved for disabled taxis on Hammarsköldintie at the end of Helsinginkatu/Helsinki Winter Garden. The drop-off point is exclusively for dropping off and picking up concert goers, parking is not allowed. The stop/dropoff
point is in service both when arriving at the event and when leaving after the concert, and it is only available for taxis and passenger cars transporting concert customers with reduced mobility.

Rammstein fan products are on sale during the concerts. Fan products are sold in several places around the event area. You can see a detailed price list at the concert.

You can pay by card at all points of sale and bars, and they accept the most common bank and credit cards, as well as debit cards and Visa Electron. Apart from pop-up and promotion sales points, cash is also accepted as a means of payment. We recommend using card payment
whenever possible.

The Olympic Stadium’s restaurant stands will serve fans through the whole event. They can be found all around the stadium and sell refreshments and snacks. The alcohol serving areas on the pitch have an age limit of 18 years. You cannot take drinking bottles or cans onto the pitch. Only drinks in soft plastic cups are allowed on the pitch.
If your seat is in the auditorium, you can bring with you one empty, max. 0.5 litre plastic bottle and fill it with water in the bathroom, for example.

Smoking is only allowed in areas specifically reserved for it. Smoking in the seating areas or on pitch is strictly prohibited.

A first aid team will go around the stadium, and you can also go to them for help with minor injuries. In an emergency, please contact the closest security officer.

The age limit of the concert is three and older. Children under twelve must be accompanied by an adult. Everyone coming to the concert must have their own ticket regardless of age. Tickets specifically for children are not sold for the concert.

You can start queuing at the gates only on the days of the event from 1 pm onwards. Please observe the security officers’ instructions.
Camping or staying the night in the city parks or within the stadium is not allowed and will be monitored by the authorities.

A paid cloakroom is located on the square on the south side of the Olympic Stadion. You can leave your belongings there for safekeeping during the concert.The cloakroom fee is €5 and €3/additional visit, and it is open from 3 pm to 1 am on the day of the event.
Please note that you cannot visit the cloakroom from inside the stadium. Therefore, please take all items you need with you when you enter the event area.

There are bins all around the stadium. Please heslp us keep the event area clean and put your rubbish in the bin!

We recommend that the audience wear ear plugs, they are also sold by vendors moving around the event area.

You can inquire about lost items at the cloakroom outside the Olympic Stadium immediately after the event. After the actual day of the event, any items found will be taken to Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu’s Helsinki office: https://loytotavara.net/.

We are continuously working to organise safe and responsible events, so that you can enjoy your favourite artist’s music or entertainment shows live with peace of mind.
The event has security officers all around the concert area and in its vicinity. The security officers have yellow or orange vests. You can contact them if you are having any problems. We expect all concert goers to observe the instructions of the event organiser and event staff, and
anyone not following them will be removed from the event

Welcome to the Helsinki Olympic Stadium and have a nice Rammstein-show!

Rammstein Olympiastadionilla 27. - 28.5.2023, aluekartta