Published 27.2.2024

Meeting, congress, gala dinner or a day dedicated to wellbeing at work – the Olympic Stadium is an unforgettable venue for all occasions. How about a meeting day in a stands box, a visit to the Stadium Tower or a versatile day at the Stadium to promote wellness at work? 

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium has a wide offer of premises that are extremely well suited for the needs of companies, associations and event organisers. The 13 modern and bright meeting premises at the Stadium have space for smaller meetings and large congresses.

“We are the place for preparties, actual parties and afterparties,” Sales Manager Henna-Riikka Oksman says, presenting the Stadium offer.

The Olympic Stadium holds a legendary and unique arena for events, smoothly combining sports, history and the memorable atmosphere of large-scale concerts. The versatile and adaptable Stadium premises, combined with top-level services, provide endless possibilities for the organisation of most varied events.

The Stadium facilities vary from rooms for small encounters to large-scale events.

“Groups of all types are warmly welcome to the Olympic Stadium since we can provide possibilities to arrange various gatherings, including workplace well-being events,” Service Expert Saija Suominen underlines.

The public transports and connections to the historical Stadium are excellent. The location in Töölö, Helsinki is brilliant for comprehensive meeting and conference encounters. Several Scandic hotels partnering with the Stadium are at a walking distance from the Stadium. Booking is easy, check here.

Meeting in a special box

This year, we have a more extensive offer of meeting places, including a box in the stands.

“The box can seat encounters of 2 to 14 people and in addition to the meeting day, you could also organise a unique afterwork event with catering right there”, Henna-Riikka adds.

The box opens a view on the everyday work in the field area, and the functionalist architecture of the Stadium can be seen from a new angle. In fact, this is one of Henna-Riikka’s favourite spots at the Stadium.

The novelties of the year 2024 include meeting packages planned around special themes, including both the meeting premises and catering services. In the first part of the year, the selection boasts a fresh and nutritious meeting package focusing on food-related wellbeing, good feelings and vibes. The food is chosen in a manner to promote alertness, energy and concentration. 

“It is absolutely worthwhile to organise the meeting day with a ready-made versatile package; however, it is also possible to plan and tailor the whole with the restaurant, to meet your exact needs,” she adds. Topical news about meeting arrangements are found at the Stadium site and in our social media.”

Dive into the Stadium history and take a guided tour

The meeting day can also be complemented with a guided tour of the Stadium. You can choose among various durations of tours guided tours, taking a peek into what the refurbished Stadium holds inside. The tours focus on the history and provide an opportunity to relive the immemorable moments of past decades at the Stadium.

All guided tours also include a visit to the Tower. The view from the Tower over the Helsinki rooftops is magnificent and will provide a memorable experience to the meeting guests at the Stadium. 

Active Stadium: physical exercise and sports premises for all

The premises make it possible to organise different work-related well-being events at the Stadium, either as a part of the meeting day or as a separate event. The Stadium also offers several rooms for physical exercise and activities, not only for groups but also for individuals.

The five modern and different exercise spaces suit many types of activities and service aficionados of various sports. The Stadium has four inside sports halls and a tunnel with the popular 400 meters running track. 

There is also an extensive choice of activities for work-related wellness days, be it sports or “mental gymnastics.”  Saija ensures that every company will be offered a whole that is the one for them.

“You can hold the Stadium Olympics here, or organise you own run.”

She adds that the evenings and weekends of the Stadium are busy with sports clubs and various sports companies who either book their regular or one-off slots. In fact, anyone can book a slot to use the running track or the badminton field. 

“The Stadium is a place for various ball games, dances or even family exercise. The premises are extremely versatile and usable.”

What would your dream meeting day or event look like?

The Stadium provides the perfect framework for a successful event, be it a small meeting or a large whole.

Henna-Riikka encourages anyone interested to contact the Stadium and to ask about the various possibilities to organise a specific event or event. It is worthwhile to come personally to the Stadium to see the options.

“If you have not yet been to the Olympic Stadium premises, you are heartily welcome to see them for yourself! We would be pleased to show our unique setting, the two ladies say in unison.”