The earthworks and excavation starts

Modernisation and renewal of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium


The Stadium Foundation, Lemminkäinen and HKR-Rakennuttaja have agreed on the earthworks and excavation contract for the Helsinki Olympic Stadium renovation. The work will start in March 2016 and be completed in August 2017.


“Our work requires special expertise in excavation, foundation reinforcement and supporting of old structures. Excavation work, for instance, is very demanding as it is carried out right next to existing structures and partly also under these structures. Among other things, we go under the Sports Museum of Finland and the spectator structures in several locations,” says Harri Kailasalo, Executive Vice President, Infra projects at Lemminkäinen.


The contract includes earthworks and open excavation outside the stadium, demolition and excavation on the stadium’s field area as well as demolition and supporting, excavation and structure support work inside the stadium building. The contract is part of the Olympic Stadium renovation and modernisation project that will be completed in 2019.



 “The earthworks and excavation contract is a concrete start to the modernisation. The work that is carried out makes it possible for the stadium to step into a new era with facilities that meet the latest stadium requirements. Everyone is welcome to follow the project during 2016–2019 on the Olympic Stadium’s different communications channels,” says Maija Innanen, Managing Director of the Stadium Foundation.


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